You need more than just anti-virus software

We explain why simply having an anti-virus software program installed on your computer will not protect you.

Anti-Virus software should be a minimum

Online virus threats are increasing on a daily basis and therefore have adequate anti-virus protection is essential. Viruses can be coded to be super clever and the people who create them know how to write the code so that they are undetected by the latest antivirus software programs.

All types of computer viruses, spyware and malware are designed for many different indented purposes. Some are designed to steal your bank card details whilst browsing online, others to display adverts to slow your computer down.

Most computer repair companies these days will simply use popular commercial anti-virus software to remove threats from customers’ computers or laptops. But, typically after a few months or possibly less, their computer will become infected again. Even with the latest up-to-date anti-virus software programs. Ultimately, this is due to the computer not being fully secured. The simple route of this problem is a lack of system security. By default, Microsoft’s Windows settings have loads of unnecessary services and programs running that users probably don’t use, yet they are susceptible to cyber-attacks. Additionally, not anti-virus program can protect a computer entirely. We’ve helped out many people and most of them had anti-virus programs installed, but still had infected computers. Symantec report a virus detection rate of just 45%! This computer repair London team are second to none in sorting your machine. Whether it be actually repairing a computer, recovering data or removing viruses, a computer specialist can get the job done. They can also implement full system security which will help ensure that the computers defence it of the highest level.